Frequently asked

  1. Can you create any special construction requested?

    Our mission is to assist designers and architects in expressing their creativity. We have the capability to create any structure you desire, as long as it uses materials compatible with our production process. However, it is essential to provide us with the architectural plans for the construction.

  2. What materials can be used?

    Our factory is composed of several departments:

    • Woodwork: This department has the capability to process any artificial or natural material.
    • Metalworks: We can process iron, copper, and any metal except aluminum.
    • Solid Surfaces: We specialise in creating organic shapes and curves using the Vacuum forming technique.
    • Upholstery: We can create any fabric constructions such as sofas, beds, armchairs, and complementary applications on wooden elements.
    • Paint Shop: Equipped with an oven, this department is responsible for applying varnishes, lacquers, and electrostatic coatings.
    • Polyurethane Molding: This department is dedicated to the mass production of special seating constructions mainly for ships or offices.
  3. Do I need to provide the exact dimensions?

    Specialised personnel will visit your premises for the detailed measurement of fixed / built-in furniture. However, the architectural study will ideally contain approximate dimensions for the final costing of the project.

    For all free-standing constructions (non-fixed furniture) the dimensions are derived exclusively from the architectural study you will deliver to us.

  4. Are there any additional costs for the measurement and installation?

    No, measuring and installation work is included in the financial quote you will receive.

  5. Can we place an order with you for a project located outside Attica or even outside Greece? Will there be an additional charge on the price?

    Of course, our company undertakes projects all over the world! In case the project is outside Attica, there is a transport charge as well as the transport and accommodation costs of the staff who will do the installation

  6. Do you undertake smaller scale projects like residential or commercial premises?

    The company also undertakes smaller scale projects. However an architectural plan is required in any case.

  7. Can you also undertake the architectural study?

    The design department of our company is responsible for creating construction designs that align with the architectural study you will provide. If you are interested in an architectural study, we can recommend an architectural office to you.

  8. What if I want the constructions includes marble or glass elements as well?

    We can create the necessary infrastructure for installing marble or glass elements in our constructions. Afterward, we will provide the construction plans required for processing the material. You have the option to choose the supplier or we can provide recommendations.

  9. Do we choose the materials used for the project?

    You have the freedom to choose the materials for the project. However, we will provide alternative suggestions if it is necessary to ensure the proper operation, strength, or stability of the structures. When it comes to visible materials, we collaborate with various companies, giving you a wide range of options in terms of quality and cost.